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Photography Guidelines & Photo shoots

art direction

Fairphone's photography needed a revamp to make the brand feel aspirational, stylish and dare I say... cool. I created brand new photography guidelines then set about directing the shoot for the new Fairphone 5 launch - curating a shotlist and choosing locations, models, styling and poses, with the help of our incredible photographer Zsofia Bodnar.


The theme for the new photography style was 'obvious stage-play', where models are confidently posing in front of the camera showing off their style and personality, and even interacting directly with the photographer or looking straight into the camera. The result was a much-needed freshen up that showed the fun and fashionable side of Fairphone to help appeal to a younger, lighter-green audience.

Fairphone 5 Launch - Photo shoot 

Photography Guidelines


The overarching theme for our photography look and feel is 'obvious stage-play'. 

Instead of trying to capture genuine moments of people using our products, we flipped this around and embraced the 'staged' feeling. We used models with personality, confidence and style and showed them interacting directly with the camera or purposefully having sun with poses and the products.



I created full photography guidelines before organising the campaign shoot where we would use them for the first time. They include notes on our brand strategy, target audience and direction for locations, lighting, composition, casting, styling, poses etc. 

FP Photo Guideliens mockup 2.jpg
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