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Up Close with Barclaycard & Capital FM

co-branded EVENT and ar campaign

Capital FM and Barclaycard are launching a series of live events to celebrate the return of live music after lockdown, the first of which features artist Anne-Marie. I was responsible for creating assets for online, social, outdoor and the AR experience, which had to adhere to both the Capital FM and Barclaycard brand guidelines.

To add to the fun, both brands approved different backgrounds for the creative, so the OOH uses the Barclaycard crowd background along with their copy style, fonts and colours. Where as the creative at the event and on Capital's channels has a blue LED background, and uses their fonts and colours instead.

Barclaycard Outdoor Campaign

Classic FM


The brief here was to promote Classic FM as the station that can help you relax, unwind and get through the last months of the Covid-19 lockdown, which a lot of people were struggling with after months of restrictions and not being able to see their families at Christmas.

The creative needed to give a sense of escapism and relaxation, without showing a specific location or holiday destination, as the lockdown rules at the time did not permit travel abroad.

Capital FM


Brand awareness campaign to promote Mistajam, his New Year's Eve party, and later his weekly show on a Friday night. As the newest DJ to join the Capital FM family, it was important that he was front and centre in the creative. Due to the lockdown people weren't able to go out to parties, so it was the perfect time to promote staying in and tuning into Mistajam's latest set.

Insta Post Capital Dance MistaJam
Insta Story Capital Dance MistaJam WKND.jpg
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