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Your Audience Awaits - Global Media

concept . campaign

Here the challenge was to visualise Global Media’s new offering in a way that would be easy to understand internally and externally, but still showcase the breadth of campaigns and opportunities available across radio, outdoor, experiential, events and more.


Global Media, previously known for Radio and DAX (a digital advertising platform), had recently acquired 3 Out-Of-Home advertising companies (Exterion Media, Primesight and Outdoor Plus) and needed to re-define they’re commercial offering and share this with business partners, agencies and employees who may only know one area of the business.

Centred around the 3 new pillars of global - radio, outdoor and DAX, the campaign had to simplify what Global stood for in a way that would be easy to understand, whilst also showcasing the breadth of Global’s consumer reach (now 95% of the UK).

Visual Language

Logo . Icons . PATTERN


Photo Shoot

Art direction

It soon became clear we would need our own imagery to portray different 'media moments' for Global to sell to their partners and clients. I organised a shoot which resulted in key imagery for the campaign, with the help of our very talented photographers, and the slightly less talented 'models'...(colleagues).

Final Concept


The final concept was shared and approved by stakeholders and directors across the business, and included:

- introduction to the new logo, patterns and icons

- image treatments, including using the 3 icons as masks or overlaid on imagery to highlight subjects

- proposals for full roll out across artwork to accompany the roadshow, digital screens, website and emails etc.

YAA_Pres_View 1.jpg


digital . print . motion

Artwork to accompany the commercial presentation which was taken across the UK to educate and engage agencies, partners and colleagues.

Emails Mockup 2 bckg.jpg
Dentsu Manc cafe wall 4560x700mm-02.jpg
YAA Office Indoor Hanging Poster1.jpg
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