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Up Close with Barclaycard & Capital FM

co-branded EVENT and ar campaign

Capital FM and Barclaycard are launching a series of live events to celebrate the return of live music after lockdown, the first of which features artist Anne-Marie. I was responsible for creating assets for online, social, outdoor and the AR experience, which had to adhere to both the Capital FM and Barclaycard brand guidelines.

To add to the fun, both brands approved different backgrounds for the creative, so the OOH uses the Barclaycard crowd background along with their copy style, fonts and colours. Where as the creative at the event and on Capital's channels has a blue LED background, and uses their fonts and colours instead.

Barclaycard Outdoor Campaign
AR Experience

OOH AR experience

Customers who walk past the outdoor creative with a QR code can scan for a chance to win tickets. 

Capital FM assets
UC Asset Sheet.jpg
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